Hotel Belvedere Bellagio: SPA - Wellnessbereich

Hotel Belvedere Bellagio: SPA - Wellnessbereich

Hotel Belvedere Bellagio: SPA - Wellnessbereich

Beauty & SPA
Aromaterapic Tranquillity Massage

One of the easiest way to combine hands wisdom with the power of essential oils, to deal with the health of body and psycho-physical equilibrium. (50 min.)

Relax Massage

Total body massage, it stimulates and relaxes muscles at the same time with the help of long and light movements, it is ideal for relieving from all of the tensions. (50 min.)

Sport Massage

Deep massage, it is especially focused on the back, shoulders and legs, it aims to relax contracted muscles. (50 min.)

Emo-lymphatic Massage

It reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation, it eliminates toxins and lactic acid from the apparatus and it helps re-oxygenating muscle texture. It is particularly useful to combat and prevent cellulite or localized fat. (50 min.)

Mediterranean Ritual Massage

Inspired by warm and vibrant Mediterranean cultures, it encourages a deep sense of wellness and vitality; with essential oil such as basil, orange, lemon, tangerine and bergamot. (50 min.)

Relaxing and Energizing Massage

Inspired by the passion and the poetry of the desert, it helps in having a deep renewal and equilibrium of body and soul; with essential oils as vetiver, ginger,geranium eucalyptus and lemon. (50 min.)

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Localized massage on the neck and shoulders to convey an immediate sense of relaxation and wellness and to put away every thought. (25 min.)

Each massage can be reduced to 25 minutes and the cost is Euro 50,00.

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