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Passed from mother to daughter to you

In 1880, my great-great-grandmother dreamt of a perfect lakeside retreat above the bustle of Bellagio. Since then, five generations of mother and daughter have - with determination and love - protected and passed down this dream.

With my mother Tiziana, their lives’ work is now our lives’: Belvedere Bellagio.

A different childhood to most

I grew up in the house and grounds of Belvedere Bellagio. When you grow up in a hotel you see everything with a different perspective. It’s like living in a small village.

(You’re also spoiled by everyone - able to order French fries and ice cream whenever you want!)

I would wake to see my grandmother picking flowers from the garden to fill the rooms, something she only stopped doing very recently. I would hear my mother welcoming guests to the family house. And I would catch the scent of herbs being gathered to flavor the night’s home-cooked meal.

Seen through the eyes of a child, every person here - whether part of the team or a guest - became part of my family, something I hold onto to this day.

Why our family loves this place so much

Of course I love the sunrise you see here. It’s truly magical and the peace that you breathe from it is not easy to describe.

Mainly though, my love is for the people of Belvedere Bellagio. Those who work here and those who come to stay.

There is an untouchable spirit to this place. A desire to see both staff and guests enjoy every piece of joy that life brings.

Bruna, our Head of Housekeeping who has been here for over 20 years, is an embodiment of this desire. This is her hotel as much as mine, and she brings a care and affection to everyone she meets.

As my mother Tiziana says: “What I see here every day is a big family all together. People feel a sense of belonging here. We have guests who stayed 30 or 40 years who still come to visit and talk about their time here. This is what life is all about.”

My hope for guests

Everyone’s familiar ethos brings an informality to life here. You can go to the kitchen and ask for a biscuit. Go to the wine cellar to see what you might like later. Or go and speak with the chefs to talk about the night’s menu.

I would love to create good feelings in guests, because feelings are what people remember.

At the end of a stay I hope a guest will feel good. It's that simple. They’ll come downstairs, see people smiling, and feel like they’re in the right place.

This special place.

I hope to welcome you soon,
Giulia (the fifth generation)

What's next

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