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We aim to create memories in you. Not of what you saw, but of how you felt.

When you travel you rush to see the most of a place, yet often you return home and can’t remember what you actually saw. It seems like you haven’t seen anything at all. But if you felt something, those are the memories that latch on. Below are our suggestions for a life, and stay, full of feeling.


Mornings in Pescallo Bay


Pescallo knows how to leave people captivated and quiet. In the morning, its square is almost empty, making it an ideal time to sit on a bench and look out towards ivy-lined buildings and crystal blue waters.

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Passed from mother to daughter to you


In 1880, my great-great-grandmother dreamt of a perfect lakeside retreat above the bustle of Bellagio. Since then, five generations of mother and daughter have - with determination and love - protected and passed down this dream.

meet the family

Private picnic or dinner amongst the trees


The purpose of life is to live it. To taste it to the utmost and reach out eagerly for newer and richer experiences. Taking dinner in our garden, between our two olive trees, is one such experience.

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Walking from Pescallo to Borgo


Borgo is one of the first inhabited hamlets of Bellagio and the historical center of the town. The path from Pescallo to Borgo is both beautifully quiet and colorfully attractive.

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Visit the Villa Melzi Gardens


An artistic and botanical jewel overlooking Lake Como, Villa Melzi is a neoclassical masterpiece with a vast garden. Sit a while in a place of beautiful and varied nature.

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The real Lake Como


Belvedere Bellagio is a time capsule to good old days on the lake. We believe in a real and authentic Lake Como experience, not the stereotypical international jetset noise of the loud and overly extravagant.

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The joy of the slow life


It doesn’t take much to be happy. Here we encourage guests to take a moment to enjoy every little moment. A quiet corner in the library or an early-evening drink looking out over the Lake. This is a life of slow simplicity.

go slow

Live the lake like a local ‘laghee’


Chicco, born and bred in Bellagio, symbolizes our way of life through his joy of life. Madly in love with this corner of paradise, he welcomes you aboard his boat - the Queen Helen - for a day on the lake.

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Wine tastings in the cellar


Our focus is on all-natural wines, and in our family cellar we offer two wine tastings: one focused on local wines such as Nebbiolo from Valtellina, and one looking at the old vintages of Barolo.

have a sip

Kayak or SUP in Pescallo


See Lake Como for a different point view, with the lake just centimeters from your bottom or toes. A guide can take you via kayak or SUP (a stand-up paddle board) around the Bellagio peninsula to see open views of the lake and mountains.

tour the lake

A panoramic trek of Sentiero del Viandante


Sentiero del Viandante is an ancient route that goes along the eastern shore of Lake Como. The third stage of the route goes from Varenna to Dervio, with a trek along it taking you scenically off the beaten path.

take a trek

Sail the lake on Dama di Bellagio


Dama di Bellagio is a classic 41-feet-long yacht that’s designed in Germany specifically to sail on Lake Como. Head on board for a journey around the lake that will reveal its slow side.

jump into the lake