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The real Lake Como

Shaped like an upside-down Y, and measuring about 160km in squiggly shoreline, Lake Como is more than the crowds, glamor and glitz you see today.

Beyond the stereotypes and formality, a rustic quality still lies beneath the lake’s surface, especially in towns like Bellagio.

It’s our aim to show you the true qualities of Lake Como. To strip away the stereotypes and stuffiness to reveal the side they don’t talk about in the books and the blogs.

The best of Bellagio

We want to show guests the parts of Bellagio which are the most hidden yet the most authentic.

Bellagio was born as a small fishing village before it became a popular destination for travelers. There are still parts of it which retain its old-world village-feel and give you a flavor of exactly how life used to be.

Everyone knows everyone. You can knock on a neighbor’s door for some sugar or watch care-free kids playing soccer in some squares or at the campetto. And everyone takes care of what they have.

Farmers look after their land to provide for their family. Fishermen go out to catch their dinner, not always to sell their bounty. And houses keep a watchful eye on their gardens to keep growing the area’s beauty.

Celebrating and preserving communities like these is so important. Without them, places can lose their soul and spirit - becoming like anywhere else in the world.

What is the real Lake Como?

Lake Como is more than just villas.

It’s taking your boat - maybe not a classic Venetian boat but a more simple one - onto the lake to enjoy the calm. It’s biking up the steep climbs and trekking across Monte San Primo with its incredible views as your guide and company.

For my mother Tiziana, Lake Como has always been her home. She was born here but went to Milan for school and Rome for university. Even when she was away from Bellagio, her heart was always here. She longed for its space, view and people.

The real Lake Como is not only about glamor and celebrity. It’s a sense of peace and tranquility that comes when you find your home.

Defined by the region’s people, and cultivated by the destination, Belvedere Bellagio is your hidden gateway to this truth.

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