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Home to the real Lake Como

Belvedere Bellagio presents the authentic Lake Como experience, going beyond the overly grand stereotypes. Arrive with a head full of noise, leave with eyes full of color. The mountain greens and the lake blues.

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The quiet life

A garden paradise to strip away distractions and quieten life's noise.

Find joy in the lake's everyday moments, connections, feelings and people.

Celebrate the simple things of life. A glass of wine or a plate of flavor.

Home to the good life

Since 1880, five generations of the Martinelli-Manoni family have cared for this house and its guests. Giulia and Tiziana keep that tradition alive today.


This is our family home and every room is prepared as such: with a care and consideration for everything you might need.



Pure flavors with fresh tweaks. Dishes that taste like a modern Italian home. Drinks that recall an Italian summer.



The sun beams across our acre of private tiered lawn - a rarity in Bellagio - with spots for shade and peace.



Stillness, contemplation, revitalization. From a treatment to the steam bath. The multisensory showers to the salt room.



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Deeply authentic

Lake Como is more than the crowds, glamor and glitz that you see today. Its history holds its true nature. Let us show you it at Belvedere Bellagio and take you to another time. To a slice of Lake Como enjoying the slow lane.

Belvedere Bellagio Hotel Exterior 07

Go slow to savor

Life can be simple, and the simple things are what really matter. Here we encourage you to take your time, to absorb and drink life in. Forget what you need to do and see. Simply enjoy what you have.

Belvedere Bellagio Views 055

Graceful exploration

Within our walls we praise and celebrate local crafts and cultures to give you something new (or old) to discover. Beyond our gardens - tours and treks will take you further into the region.

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Familiar care

There is a natural feeling of ease and calm around the house. Everything genuine and true. This comes from the lake’s reflective qualities and our love for this place and its people.

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Your hidden gateway to Lake Como

Lake Como’s clear waters, neoclassical villas and azalea-filled gardens continue to charm guests from far and wide. At Belvedere Bellagio, our ambition is to light up what is underneath the surface to reveal lesser-know sites and stories.

discover the true lake como

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Welcome to the family

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No matter how long we have lived here, we fall in love with the place more and more each day. The characters and colors. This is our passion and family paradise, and we are eager to share it with you.

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Belvedere Bellagio Family 2019 Family 17 Current
Belvedere Bellagio Hotel Exterior Hotel 007 Storia Current
Belvedere Bellagio Family 2019 Family 18 Current

Let the lake do its magic

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