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The joy of the slow life

Belvedere Bellagio sits on the branch of Lake Como where the noise is quiet. We don’t have many boats running in front of us, just lots of green gardens and blue lake.

It’s this quiet and peace that brings joy and contentment. You can strip away the distractions, the noise and the expectation. There’s no rush to get up and get out, just a pure enjoyment that comes from relaxing into the moment.

This doesn’t mean we’re a silent retreat. Quite the opposite. We want to talk to guests about their life, our life, and Bellagio’s life - sharing conversations without intruding on your space or time.

Days have a simple structure

At Belvedere Bellagio, you forget what you have to do and what you have to see, and just relish what you have in that moment. That could be the panorama in front of you. The book you’re reading. Or the person you’re talking to.

We call this the slow life, and it’s the pleasure that comes from staying with yourself, your thoughts and your interests.

The slow life goes a long way to unlocking the purest flavors and scenes of Italy. The food, wine, music, culture and nature.

You can walk to one of Bellagio’s 23 frazioni (small hamlets), sit on a bench and stare at the lake. You can go to the small fishing village of Loppia to have lunch at Ristorante Alle Darsene di Loppia where you’ll cancel the rest of your day for another plate of pasta or bottle of local wine. Or you can stay by the hotel pool, wander around the gardens, and later on head to the spa.

The slow life comes from understanding what people want and need in a given moment, something we try to do every single day.

What's next

Live the lake like a local ‘laghee’